Changing mood with appropriate music and behavior.

The music is called Klezmer music. It originated in poor Jewish shtetls in Poland where Jews were pogromed by antisemitic neighbors. This music is so happy you’d feel like dancing in your car on the way to the dentist or meeting your ex. Get a CD put it in and start moving your legs, arms, lips, flex muscles, let’s do it. I find the best behavior to produce during the music is to force a smile, but here is the problem – your mind. Most people think that their mind is them and feel very reluctant to smile without mental permission, and your mind won’t give you such a permission unless you already feel happy. Sure, you can exercise your God-given consciousness and force a smile 100 times during an average trip to the dentist… which would stimulate a good change in brain chemistry and make smiling feel more natural on the drilling chair, but I am afraid that most people won’t do it because they’d feel silly and confused, it’s called low self-esteem and dissonant in psychology (check out Festinger)!

Why do I feel happy most of the time, apart from loving to listen to Klezmer music? When I feel happy I act happy naturally and when I don’t feel happy I act happy consciously by forcing a smile on my face (with sounds too). My mind hates it but I love it (guess who is in charge in my head?). I can’t lose. My purpose in life is to be me, like a chameleon, different, outrageous, funny, free, loving, successful, colorful, klezmerised! My deep secret is that I love to pretend all kinds of things. Pantomime therapy, wow! That is the beauty of being a psychologist. You are not stuck in Klezmerland, “lying in the service of happiness is a greater bliss than being ignorant.” Dr. Bruner said it better, “Lying in the service of the truth is virtue.” You know what is the difference between me and my patients? They believe in crap that doesn’t work and I believe in crap that works. For example, driving to the mall to meet my wife for lunch while listening to Klezmer music and smiling, making a lot of noise like a crazy husband in love! Wow! Life is good (LG), like the South Koreans say!


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