Lowering blood pressure with appropriate behavior!

I was at a party and my cousin Arni’s best friend asked, “What’s your blood pressure, Elior?” I said, “It used to be high but now it’s around 120/80.” “How did you lower your blood pressure?” he asked. “No problem,” I responded, “First you learn to breathe deep 9 time per minute 5 times a day (watch the video from MCC cancer clinic in Germany for a demonstration on my website http://www.cancer-vcrc.org), then you force yourself to swim twice a week for an hour, then you walk on a thread mill (4 miles per hour speed at 2.5 elevation) for 15 minutes and finally you eat organic (I grow a fabulous garden to nibble on). I didn’t meet my cousin’s friend again since the party. I hope he listened and I hope his blood pressure is back to normal. A high blood pressure can damage your kidney and give you a stroke. Be good to yourself. You deserved the best.


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