How do you screen immigrants to reduce risk to citizens?

This story just came in from Israel via the internet: A recently arrived 49-year-old Jewish immigrant from the USA has a minor argument in a coffee shop with a 48-year-old local resident. He leaves to get a knife and comes back and stubs the local stranger 15 times. I quoted Suzi Orman in my book The Psychology of Investment as one of the best solver of money problems in America today. She agrees. I will say now that I consider myself as one of the best solvers of immigration problems in American today.

People belive that you cannot screen immigrants good enough to keep the bad ones out! The truth is that you can. People say, “But it will cost an arm and a leg to find the bad ones and keep them out.” The truth is that it won’t. People believe that the process will never be fair. The truth is that nothing in politics is fair anyway. The process must be run by me or a qualified psychology group to be fair.

“Love and work” research had demonstrated repeatedly in the last century that and individuals who can “love and work” will be “safe” and productive in their new society (criterion validity). The government does not need to give expensive psychological tests to immigrants, and besides, many may not speak English well enough to understand the tests and reduce bias. What immigration authorities need to receive from the applicant before he/she arrives at our shores is a certified document of history of work and verified history of 1:1 loving and supportive relationships. That is the beauty of social science findings. Anyone who can love and work will be a good citizen whether a husband, wife, parent,employee, employer, poor, rich or in-between!

Go for it you uneducated immigration officials! Clean the mess, save money and pain for everyone.


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