Behavioral profiling: The case of the disappearing 777.

The human species: They are able to build a magnificent airplane that flies from Malaysia to China serving affordable wine and delicious food to 300 passengers in comfort. In a minute they all die! The authorities are not able to make sure that the passengers stay safe, and they are not even able to locate the airplane when it disappears from their radar. They are able to manufacture underwater GPS and APPs that can find water on the moon Europa, but they can’t find  a flying plane that enters an earthly “blind spots.” Why? Why? Why?

M answer is true and simple but most of you will not accept what I say because of wrong schooling. Human misery will continue until a future generation is schooled right! Behavior Profiling! If every reader that is reading my posting could define BF most disasters would not happen from now on. You see, it is human behavior that is responsible for 100% of all disasters! You can’t even accept that, can you? So how could we proceed on safety without waiting for the next generation? (e.g., humans who choose to live by a volcano develop protection). Solution: The year 2030:  You video the behavior of every one involved in building a plane, flying this plane and checking passengers before they board this plane and after!! You put the videos for instant app analysis of certain body language signals that you don’t think are important.  This plane would have been either grounded or certified to fly! Why isn’t it done? I just told you why. Airline people don’t have the right attitude. They are not educated enough to use sophisticated computer apps. They don’t believe that psychologists can distinguish between good behavior, criminal, suspicious behavior, weird behavior, pretending, even stuff that looks like behavior but is not (thought, feeling, perception, memory, etc.). Hey, get education, turn on your video apps and you will find those responsible for the disaster by their behavior. They behave differently than you and me!!! I am the proof: All my close friends are successful wonderful genuine people!


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