Not a riddle about life, just the codes!

This posting is for readers who know that I like codes, symbols, abbreviations, key words, key concepts and so on. Good symbols tend to stay in your memory.  I want to establish a record and historical time for a simple list of four commandments, codes,  so you will know that I claim to have created these four codes from a message from UC in case these ever become known for their ability to create what they stand for:

These 4 concepts are doable only if Universal Consciousness (UC) allows you to engage your individual consciousness (IC), which is a part of the UC (I will tell you at the end who is allowed):

i-Love (Veahavta)

M-BEN (Vebarita)

i-BLASH (Veesharta)

C-MOR (Velamadta)

Only those humans who love God at the way the UC wants to be love can harness consciousness. Harnessing your consciousness means the most of your major decisions  from that moment on – work!


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