End the ignorance about mental illness, segment II

I wasn’t going to post a next segment to my “End the ignorance about mental illness,” but I just turned on CNN and watched the painful story about a mother complaining about the stigma her son has to endure because he was labeled mentally ill. For a moment I was encouraged because I thought she would add, “The stigma hurts 10 times worse being a prejudice caused by culture and not a true medical science.” I wish she said, “My son is not mentally ill, he just lacks the skills of coping in this society. Lt’s teach him those skills,”  but she didn’t say that. The mom was part of the belief system too. You can thank Freud for that, who convince psychiatrists 100 years ago that having a tested weak ego that shows difficulty coping is a sign of mental illness. He made a pretty good living as a “shrink” who treated “mentally ill” people – unsuccessfully but rationally.

End the stigma: Please ladies and gentlemen, parents, friends and government officials, please put the so-called mentally ill individuals in what behavioral economists call “Choice architecture” situations where work is available(first free, then for pay) and opportunities to make friends are abundant, and you will see a miracle! You care, don’t you? The only people who benefit from the 100 billion mental illness industry are the insurance companies, drug companies, the psychiatric associations (fully), the psychological associations (in part) and the economy. “patients, get a job and find love and these industries will lose their “shirt.” It is time to get more sophisticated about mental illness, folks. You can’t continue to brand anyone who can’t manage their affairs as good as you do “mentally ill.” Stop being prejudice. They are “behaviorally impaired” and not “Mentally ill.” Give people a break, they need dignity and not a stigma. The time has come to provide jobs to the people you labeled.


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