Darrell Issa for president!

I wrote a book in 2011 on Obama and your money. In my book, “The Psychology of Investing during the Obama Years,” on page 16 I wrote “Is Obama a true Messiah or the Antichrist? Please take the question symbolically. On page 16 I wrote, “Jesus entered Jerusalem on a white ass.” Today, November 1, 2013, I can answer my symbolic question, “The antichrist entered the White House on the vote of confidence of many asses.” By the time he leaves in 2016  he would have caused enough damage to the economy, status of the United States in to the world and to the world itself that may not be reversible. In 1916 we will need a person that can clean up the mess economically, politically and personally. That man is Darrell Issa, the incredible congressman from California.

What is his chance of winning in 2016? Zero. Why do I say that? Because the American people have demonstrated time and again that they vote for nincompoop dudes (Obama, Bush 1, Bush 2, Clinton, Ford, Nixon, etc.). Then, why do I write this piece? Well, I write it just in case it triggers in you a movement. You know, some of you may decide to take me seriously. A lot of people did when I was a moderator for the Foreign Policy Association in a California College years ago! Take care.


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One Response to “Darrell Issa for president!”

  1. Invisible Mikey Says:

    Issa’s got charisma, I’ll give him that. I think the Dems would much rather have Ted Cruz or someone equally “ideologically principled” to run against.

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