Obamacare website. He really tried!

I mean it, Obama, I know that you really tried to design a good healthcare program for the American people, and this president really tries to hire a competent website company to set up the Obama care on-line system for the American people. The problem is that as a trained lawyer president Obama you were not educated in Science. You really need to set up a pilot study and replicate its results before you spend other people’s money to implement the Obama care program. You can’t just trust your instinct that it would work, especially when using other people’s money. And, regarding the website company that you hired to build the Obama care website, you can’t just pay them and expect them to do a great job after being paid. You see, Obama, it’s not your fault, you were never a businessman, you didn’t know that if you pay someone before they do the work, you can’t really run things well. Well, the American people elected you twice knowing that you were not a scientist or a businessman, so they got fooled and you lost their money. We all know from psychology that the people cannot be better than their leader unless there was a divine intervention. So far it happened in the Soviet Union ones and at the Vatican recently. We sure need a DI in America before it gets worse. You simply can’t trust a leader without education is business and science! in.


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