Lucrative fish story.

This story is for those of you who live their lives unaware of opportunities to save. Do you live with someone who gets upset with you that you can’t save money on groceries like he does? Tel him that he can’t do other simple things that you can. We are human.

“Honey, how could you bring yourself to pay $9.56 for that small beautiful piece of fresh salmon filet?”

“What’s wrong with it?”

“It cost $39 per kilogram.”

“I didn’t look for the cost per Kg, should I ?”

“It’s in small print on the left side of the label.”

“How much did you pay for the delicious salmon filet you brought home last Friday?”

I paid $9 per kilogram and carved 10 beautiful pieces of fresh salmon for your cost of one!”

“I am sorry, darling, From now on I will always check “price per Kg.” I didn’t know that’s more important than the actual price on the package.”

This is a fish story about two grocery stores, the successful one and the one that will soon fail. The thriving grocery store exploit the gullibility of innocent shoppers. 90% of local customers in North America pay twice to three times higher price for fresh salmon than savvy immigrants do. The fresh salmon is shipped to the stupid grocery store and is filet and sold. I buy it for $9 per Kilo. i am an immigrant. I think the store makes about $5-10 per fish.

Another fresh salmon gets to the smart grocery store and the fish carver gets to work. The fish is cut in 2 and each piece is filet horizontally into two-three thin layers, each about a third of an inch thin. Ten pieces at $10 each, the fish creates wealth!

By the way the person who bought salmon for $9 per Kilo is not smarter than the person who paid $39 per Kg. In Kahneman system of thinking that fish buyer uses System 2 while the other person uses System 1. It all boils down in life to the use of consciousness. Most people live automatically and should be automatically forgiven their lack of awareness of simpleĀ opportunities.



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