To understand Syria’s civil war you must go back to 661 AD.

Muhammad died in 632. Two rivals were chosen as Caliph and Imam by the first generation believers, Abu Baker, a close friend of the prophet as the first Caliph and Ali, Muhammad’s cousin and son-in-law as the first Imam. Ali was assassinated in 661 AD which started the bitter historical feud between Sunnis and Shia to this day. In Syria, 20% are Shia Alawites and 80% are Sunnis. Assad is a Shia. If he loses the civil war his 20% Shia Syrians will be in danger of a massacre. If Assad wins, the Sunnis will be oppressed, have no voice and some will die. No one knows 100% if Assad used the Chemical weapons on the Sunnis, only 99% that he did, but that is not the ultimate issue here. The West doesn’t understand that the feud between the Sunnis and the Shia in Syria is fundamental – no group will give in to the other without being defeated in battle! Here is the solution:

To avoid more civilian deaths, especially innocent women and children, Syria should be temporarily divided into Shia and Sunni autonomous zones (like in Cyprus) for 5 years or untill they learn to relate as Syrians while things quiet down. That will give the UN, the people and western powers time to build a democracy so people can live in peace and prosperity. Would that happen? Probably not, you see, politicians have many misconceptions about human relationships and are too lazy to think straight. Their value system is off from the moment they get selected or elected or appoint themselves!


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  1. Riley Frost Says:

    Interesting post, I can associate with some of your ideals, baring this in mind, this may be of interest to you:

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