The medical mouth.

The mouth is a lot more than just a mouth. Think psychology. start with the lips. It takes seven days to show symptoms of a sever cold after kissing her lips. One patient said, ‘but I couldn’t resist them, so passionate in red lipstick. She parted them just a bit to show her white beautiful teeth, she put her hand gently on my neck playing with my hair. I went crazy. I landed the French kisses one after another like a machine gun.” The lipstick was gone.

But that’s not the end of the story about the mouth. Your teeth can tell your general health. You lose calcium and it shows in and on your teeth. You age not gracefully and it shows in your “chip” teeth. You don’t brush right and the dentist gets rich. You do it all wrong and the denturist gets rich. I could go on and on with ‘stuff’ that you all know about, but the reason I am writing this piece is because I kissed my beautiful wife and got her severe cold.

How in heaven did I get rid of the cold in 24 hours and prevented it from leaving my sinuses and landing in my throat? My medical mouth went to work. I ate my concoction ( chia in hot water) but that wasn’t it. I put a spoonful of calcium ascorbate in my mouth, added water and gurgled for a minute until it dissolved. Then I swallowed it with lots of water. I did it twice a day. I dropped a drop of Oregano oil in my medical mouth and let stay there and sting. The saliva went to work. After 2 minutes I swallowed the whole thing and drank some water. I did that 5 times during the day, about every 3 hours. I ate rice for obvious reasons. That was it, my medical mouth did a great job, then the next day it talked a lot. i am not great on the lips like my wife is, but I know my health stuff better than most folks. The next morning I felt like a million bucks again. Thank you God for giving me consciousness. Use yours!


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