Reduce overeating! That’s it!

There are nine ways to skin a cat, or fatten it….just wanted to get your serious attention! After being a weight control expert for 40 years, let me tell you what to start with:

1. Eat fish…. then fish…. then fish, it lowers your hunger a lot.

2. Eat fiber grains, whole grain, they help too.

3. Drink lots of water to feel full.

4. Supplement with an egg, pasta, beans and the right attitude.

5. Stay away like the plague from all baked goodies.

6. And remember this: Eating fatty food increases hunger!

Simple enough, now go for it and get slim, especially if you do it for your dude or gal! And, don’t forget to add the dreadful vegis when your will power kicks in once  a year..

Dr. k.


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