Gay rights in Russia.

The people in the West tell us that Russian law is discriminatory against gays organizing themselves into a minority political movement. That is true! So what? What is not true is that Russia is anti gay. I doesn’t take brains to know the difference, but most people in the west – don’t. Why? Because Obama took the issue to the extreme in order to get elected. An American child who wants to be raised by a mother and a father can’t do so if his gay father marries another man. In Russia he can! As a gay person in Russia you are free to do your own thing as long as you don’t organize as a political movement. What’s wrong with that? I know other political movements in history that shouldn’t have been organized. Political sexuality is as corrupt as any other political movement, why do you need it?. Sexual behavior as a political movement will one day backfire.  Love does not fit as a political movement. The Russian got it and so should you. The fact that the Russian society resists your attempt to force it to be like us and accept “gay parades” or “gay marriages” doesn’t make that society anti-gay, it makes it gay neutral as it should be. Keep your American ego or values to yourself and let other cultures be as they wish to be as long as they don’t discriminate against gays as individuals!


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