Is a cup of coffee in the morning more than a cup of coffee?

I am a psychologist so if I have a joyous anticipation for something mundane that is stronger than I think it should be – I check it out. Well, it’s the cup of coffee that I am thinking of making myself when I am done with this posting. Dr. Kahneman, the Nobel Price winner (2002) found out that a dime found by his students on the copying-machineĀ made them report great happiness on a questionnaire! I am my own case study right now. Just thinking about making my great cup of coffee makes me feel joy! …and I am not overweight or craving…just wait till I sit in my office chair and drink it. We humans are crazy if you look at this inner behavior objectively, this inner joy over a cup of coffee or finding a dime on a copying machine, but we are not crazy. Besides, as a psychologist, what’s important to me is to create many small experiences so I can have joy throughout the day. Now I will go and make myself the cup of joy. How wonderful and ridiculous it is. Have a great day and don’t forget your tea, dude.


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