What is perfection?

I met this nice fellow at the hospital support group meeting in 2008. I decided to mention in my book a few characters I met during the years fighting cancer to victory. George was a C-Personality.  George as a cancer patient was the implosive type who “attached” himself silently to our “clique” of three patients. George hardly said a word in two years of meetings! When I became cancer-free and he was still struggling to survive, he looked at me sheepishly and uttered.

“Do you have a “secret” for recovery from cancer, Mr. Eli?”

“I have a few, George. They are kind of “hidden” in my website, http://www.cancer-vcrc.org,”

“Can you share your best “secret” with me, I have been watching you. I want to improve my chances of survivor.”

“George, you have to become perfect to survive cancer.”

He seemed kind of shuttered. ” How do you do that?”

“Very simple, George, you replace the false definition of “perfection” that appears in almost all dictionaries with the true definition of the word and follow it diligently in your behavior.”

“OK, Eli, What do you think perfection is?”

“You are perfect when you are aware of the ins and outs of your cancer situation.”

“Is that means that being perfect is not the absence of cancer?”

“That is correct, George, the social definition of perfection as the absence of problems harms a lot of people. It’s incorrect. The Universe is full of imperfections by any cultural definition, yet it is perfect. Are you aware of it?”

“I am not sure. I have a to think about it. This is the longest conversation that I have had ever had with anyone since my diagnosis.”

“Good luck, George, there are a few Webster definitions about health, wealth and happiness that need to be replaced in your life before you can create cancer-free great life!


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