The rule of law.

The law says that Zimmerman is not guilty of killing Trevon Martin. The law says the killing was in self-defence. A large segment of American society is right now demonstrating against the law. The law says they have the right to not accept the legal verdict issued by a court of law, as long as their resistance is not violent. As a psychologist, I am alarmed by the thought that if we still lived in the days of lynchings in the US past Mr. Zimmerman would be lynched by a mob in the name of the – law! Of course that would be the law of the jungle, but the demonstrators wouldn’t believe that…and when the US economy lays in ruins as a result of lack of respect for the law, the demonstrators wouldn’t blame themselves, they’d blame the – courts! Let’s face it, you give up your economic progress and prosperity when you choose emotions over the law, no matter how you feel! Look around at the world of poor nations. Failed economies are directly correlated with negative emotionally of crowds and cultures, who disastrously believe their feelings are more important and valid than the law of the land they live in, as express by a court of justice. I feel for the future of the United States of America!


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