Americans will lose the “good life” if they…

Let me quote for you what my favorite contemporary historian Niall Ferguson says in his new book The Great Degeneration of America (page 84). “Few truths are today universally acknowledged more than the rule of law – particularly as so far as it restrains the “grabbing hand” of the rapacious state – is conducive to economic growth. According to Douglass North, “The inability of societies to develop effective, low-cost enforcement of contract is the most important source of both historical stagnation and contemporary underdevelopment.”

Let me write all this verbosity in a simple most understandable psychological sentence without losing meaning. The rule of law means that the law must be behavioral to be highly understood without need for lawyers or interpretations. You get a description of  what you did and the punitive consequences for it. Americans will lose the “good life” if they do not punish people who break the law with fixed punishments without the need to have many discretion studied in court to get you off/on the crime. Judge for yourself, is America a country of laws or a country of lawyers? Have you lost the “good life” already? Can you change your attitude before the next election? Soon it may be too late.


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