My response to Justin on LinkedIn.

Dr. Eli Kinarthy • Your challenge is welcome but because my response will make no difference in your life, I will not continue a “healthy dialogue.’
1. A state of happiness (Maslow’s self actualization), once achieved, does not change by circumstances, Feelings come and go.
2. Happiness is a state of self-programing, better “software,” alcohol, dopamine, sex, etc. can add temporary feelings, great “stuff.”
3. Why would I want to read a book on happiness when my decision-making skills puts me at the top 1% of society (look at my picture, it’s recent!).
4. Justin, time to enrol in graduate school and advance beyond empirical observations.
5. Great books, but you missed the point of “knowing what is as it is.” Missed by almost everyone!
6. You got this one right if you meant “perfection” as awareness of reality and not the absent of problems.
7. Keep searching. Please do not respond. You are a contrarian person, not a seeker of truth.



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