I will focus only on the facts about gay marriage hoping that highly emotional people will cool off so they may see that their behavior is similar to Don Chiote De La Manche fighting wind mills. They are fighting only over a word and they don’t realize it! Gay couples living together bound by a legal civil union laws have the same legal obligations and benefits as marriage couples, except for a word. They are fighting all the way to the supreme count over a word. Shakespeare would call it “much ado about nothing,” and classic psychology will call it “creating cultural excitement to avoid boredom.” I call it “avoiding the real issue.”

Let’s continue with the facts. Gay couples feel love just like heterogeneous couples. They must have the right to live together as marriage couples without the use of the word because the essence of the word “marriage” in human history meant “creating the next generation,”  and never meant creating the possibility for the cessation of the human race.

The issue of raising children is simple too.  A happy marriage has always been a  natural condition for a man and a woman to raise health and happy children with all the opportunities that culture can provides.”  That opportunity is gone for 80% for the people, although individuals can work it out. Most of us live a life of “quiet desperation” as the poem says.

The last issue about it is not religion because religion as a “human perception of God” is way off the mark. The real issue is “how God will take it?” The fact is that we don’t know but we will know in a 100 years!



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