What happen in Libya? Fear, miscommunication and denial – American traits!

President Obama will not be impeached by Congress for appointing incompetent Hilary Clinton Secretary of State. Why not? Because regardless of her callousness in rejecting requests for extra protection for the US embassador in Libya (a friend of Hillary) during the planned terrorist attach on the compound, and refusing to call the attack a planned terrorist attack calling it instead a spontaneous mob action, the latest poll shows that the majority of the democrats think that she would make a great president! What’s going on? Are the American people live in denial? Well, it’s not that simple. President Obama told secretary Clinton to make statements to the press that would diffuse Islamic aggression against the west by mischaracterization it. His strong fear of war wanted to keep the peace almost at any price till the last moment when he would be forced to act. This line of presidential thinking goes all the way back to Roosevelt who tolerated German abuses for more than 2 years and enter WWII only after Pearl Harbor attack by the Japanese in 1941. Tolerating abuse for the sake of peace is an American tradition adopted from the Brits. Hilary is toxic but she may be elected president in 2016. Obama told her to misidentified (reduce the significant) the Attackers in Libya. She told Rice in the UN to call it an angry Libyan spontaneous response to American bombing. Republican now want to impeach Obama for not protecting the American embassy in Tripoli. What they don’t understand is that extreme fear of escalation is an American trait, that miscommunication between the FBI, CIA and the White House is an American turf trait as real as apple pie, aggravated by another trait I call don’t rock the boat for your own good. Authorities hate whistle blowers, they would bite the hand that feed them information!! Listen, in the thirties you lived in denial about the inevitability of second world war. Today, as the adage goes, history repeats itself, you live in the illusion that somehow third world war between the Infidels and the Barbarians somehow won’t happen. Sure, at the end American always win, but at a greatest cost of lives for the delayed responses. Chamberlain was a bloody misguided dude, not that much different from Hilary or Bill. I say people who make very risky decisions shouldn’t be in government. Yet, the American people may elect Hilary in 2016, God forbids. I know some psychologists who would label leaderless leaders the Innocent murderers!


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