Culture of medicine!

I was watching TV this morning. I set through five drug commercials and my mind started thinking. When I heard “Talk to your doctor” repeated 12 times in one hour I decided to tell the American people to get off that craziness about taking pills for every little infliction they have. I instantly coined the term “Culture of Medicine,” and started posting. Mind you, the American people spend more money on drugs than any other people on earth, and the country is only number 17 in health in the world! Do you know what I do for heart burns? I stop eating processed meat and junk food. I used to have migraine headache untill I changed my diet to natural food and pure drink. You won’t see me drinking any fruit blend drinks to save a buck like I did twenty years ago. Now the label has to say “pure pomegranate juice or pure apple juice, etc. before I touch it. I got off the culture of medicine by a conscious act of my self-loving heart. You can too! Medicine is good for you when you absolutely need it, not when it is dictated to you by suppliers looking for your business. The culture of medicine is almost as bad for the American people as the culture of violence. Get off it!

Someone asked me what have I replaced my culture of medicine with twenty years ago when I was fifty-six? I said, Culture of Love. Do you want me to post anything on that?


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