Why can’t Israel form a coalition right now?

If you think it’s because Yesh Atid (19) and Habait Yehudi (12) don’t like Haredim(12), you are wrong.

If you think the Right and the Left can’t be in the same government, you are wrong.

If you think it is important to know who is Haredi and who is not, you are wrong.

Actually you are wrong with any thought inside the box. You got to get outside of the box.

If you do you could form a happy government in one hour! You can make everyone happy!


Have two leaders from each political party in the Knesset (including Arabs, Communists, etc) sequestered in a nice room with a view at the Tel Aviv Hilton from 8 AM till 12 PM (with a 10 minute break every 2 hours) on an agreed upon day (Wednesday is good, Saturday is great, Monday sucks, Friday…only if God wills it). All food and drinks will be served kosher. The Chairperson will announce the rules, so strict that anyone who breaks a rule his party will have to pay a fine of 40,000 Shekel to the national treasury, two rules 80,000, three rules 120,000, and so on.

Rule 1)  The only language spoken in the room will be Hebrew.

Rule 2) The participants must sign a legal document that they will abide without reservation by the unanimous decisions of the  five observing judges (a philologist, linguist, behavioral psychologist, language expert, etc.) selected from three distinguished universities in Israel.

Rule 3) The participants must stay respectful towards each other. Questions and answers are encouraged. Name calling, bad gestures, accusations, or refusal to response to one another will cost a participant 4,000 Shekel.

Rule 4) Anything that a participant says or does must focus on behavior, not concepts, beliefs, assumptions, etc. The Judges will correct you and make sure that what you say includes at least one behavior and one fact. You are not allowed to emit a sentence that has no behavior in it. For example, you are not allowed to say “You are wrong” (it’s not a behavior). You can’t even say “I feel that you are wrong.” A feeling is not a behavior either. You may say, “Your behavior is unacceptable to me.”  Good luck, don’t be a party poopers..


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