Why I am introducing behavioural politics?

Introducing a new scientific discipline to the world is difficult. History tells us that when Albert Einstein introduced Behavioral Physics (BP) in 1905 trying to replace  Newton’s Classical Physics (CP) as the main theory that explains the Universe – classical physicists laughed at him. We know that when Dr. Daniel Kahneman introduced Behavioral Economics (BE) in 1979 trying to replace Classical Economics (CE) as the main theory that explains the universe of finance – classical economists laughed at him. Twenty years later that behavioral psychologist received the Nobel prise in – economics to the chagrin of classical economists who feared that the world will replace the fundamental economic rules of Adam Smith. Behavioral Economics (BE) is still fighting for the right to be heard at economic departments in universities all over the world, I know all that but the time is here to introduce Behavioral Politics (BP) because I believe it can solve the bloodshed between groups all over the world, even in Syria!

Classical politics (CP) deals with diplomacy and war, when one ends the other one begins. Political parties or systems with inadequate understanding of human behavior form governments, perpetually discussing which democratic or dictatorial system work best for the people. CP is into trying to fix failing relationships without having a psychological clue how to do it!  Studying emotional decision-making resulting in behaviour is absolutely not allowed in CP. In Behavioural Politics, on the other hand, a system that one day will exist at a new age of enlightenment, studying emotional decision-making resulting in behaviour is absolutely required!

There were two examples of BP in human history that come to mind. The first one was when Moses allocated regions in Canaan to the 12 tribes of Israel so they won’t fight with each other so much. The other example was when the forefathers of the United States constitution designated 13 States in the federal union for purposes of conflict resolution. Think what BP will do to solve the conflict in Syria.


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