Are airplanes crashes inevitable?

As a psychologist I will underline some behavioural problems that airline companies and pilots may have. My posting today may save lives tomorrow if you are listening. Passenger jets will soon carry 1000 passengers each. The navigating instruments are getting more complicated. Governments and boards are not upgrading their supervision of airplane maintenance and hiring practices, not often enough (to save money). Boards must expand pilot training into psychology. Pilots and co-pilots must be matched on psychological profiles, personality and communication skills, e.g., a submissive co-pilot is dangerous to have on a plane. He may not correct a senior pilot error at a crucial moment. The more passengers a jet carries, the more years of experience a co-pilot should have. Pilot history and flight records should be taken more seriously –  examined before each new pilot assignment by an independent board. Average IQ pilots  should not be hired when there is pilot shortages. An average IQ pilot may have more problems in deciding when to switch to behavioral piloting from automatic piloting. I have 100 more new behavioural rules for flight safety but what I have listed in enough to alert you to the need for improvement in this area of living. Flying is different from any other area of living!

Airplane crashes are not inevitable, but they will continue to happen until new ideas are adopted, and not just new ideas but behavioural ones!


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3 Responses to “Are airplanes crashes inevitable?”

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