Buyer’s uncertainty triggers seller’s profit….

…Worse than that, you end up buying what others thinks you should get and it is usually more expensive and doesn’t exactly fit you. I went to buy a $2.95 clippers for my toes and nails. I  noticed two kinds, one curved upwards and one curved downwards (convex and concave). I ended buying a totally different and more expensive toe nail scissors for $12.95, curved sideways, neither concave or convex (took me an hour to get VISA refund). I went home. What an opportunity for posting, after all when a psychologist can’t apply certainty to his shopping, it can be useful for both of us to learn together.

I went home, searched on Google and studied – nail clippers. (90% of them are curved like a valley and only 10% like a hill). I tested them, the shape of my nails required a “hill.” Now that I know 100% what works best for my nails, even a well-meaning salesman that I feel I can trust will not get a chance to sell me what he/she think is good for my toes! With all due respect to all sales people, from now one I will have certainty about what I intend to buy before I leave home! Small item or big.

I am shopping for a handicap van for my son’s wheelchair, an $80,000 vehicle, what an opportunity to apply the knowledge I acquired shopping for a $2.95 nail clipper!


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