Iran: Classical Politics vs. Behavioral Politics

Having spoken about classical economics vs behavioral economics at UCLA last year, I will venture today to be the first social scientist to knowingly introduce classical politics vs behavioral politics on my peaceful revolution blog. It is hilarious that David Cameron, the UK Prime Minister introduced behavioral politics on CNN yesterday without knowing that his statement on Iran was behavioral politics and not classical politics. He said, “They can have civil nuclear power if they give up their mission of having military nuclear power.”  That is a behavioral politics statement by a statesman. Here is the same thought expressed by the majority of classical politicians – your elected people who don’t understand human relations, “Iran has the right to have nuclear power like any other nation.”

I do not think that David Cameron’s statement will be discussed by the classical political panel of CNN. They are all classical commentators, none of them is behavioral. But if by miracle they did peace may still prevail in the world. Watch them and see if they discuss the derivative behavioral issue: Do scientists know 100% the LINE not to cross between activity that would lead to nuclear military power and peaceful nuclear activity that could be used to generate electricity and in medicine? If the answer is yes, then the only question remains is, “will the international nuclear watchdog commission get 100% access to all  Iran nuclear facilities? If the answer is yes peace will prevail. If the answer is no, war will prevail. Take your pick.

I have crystalized for you an issue that will affect your life in the future (not just gasoline price). If you are a classical thinker you probably won’t get what I am saying. Time to switch to BEHAVIOR in every thing that you do or think about. If I get positive responses from you about this important posting, I will give you more example in your relationships between being a classical loser and a behavioral winner, e.g., “You are not listening to me, dear,” or “Please comment on what I said, honey, I respect your view.” guess which statement is classical and which one is behavioral. Please visit my blog again if you know the difference!


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