Primary, secondary and tertiary reactions to disasters (Segment II).

Read Segment I:  Place yourself in one of the three categories: Primary, secondary or tertiary preventions. I am back from Stage IV cancer treatment in Germany, almost died! As a psychologist I knew about these 3 categories but still “stuck” in tertiary prevention (TP) about cancer. In October 2011 I finally moved to secondary prevention (SP) getting choice treatment that placed me in remission. I am now working on a plan of treatment of cure in 3 years that will probably place me in primary prevention (PP) soon. If you are in PP, upgrade it.  Prevent marital problems by having better agreements with your partner how to handle sex, money and relatives (in-laws?). If You are in SP, upgrade it to PP. Research and find the best plan of action (I had to go to Germany to find it!).  If you are in TP, cool off. You need attitude change. Enrol in appropriate classes and take it seriously. I will write Segment III when I am cured of cancer because first there are no guaranties and second SIII is deeep! You would need to understand concepts such as “Happiness,” accepting an affliction, communicating about it with others and expressing your personal responsibility for the affliction. Let’s forgive ourselves for the mistakes we have made and move on to the next level which is the healthy, happy and wealthy life!


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