My blogs have strict new rules: Please follow these rules when responding!

My psychological blog ( and behavioral investing blog ( have new rules that will limit my ability to respond to blogs and websites that sell products or services as of today: 1) I have become very busy lately with my volunteer work to build a hospital and my academic activities,  2) Today I have had more visitors to my two blogs than I have had since  I started blogging years ago, and I must limit my approval from now on only to messages in English and messages commenting on my postings or asking questions. I will no longer have the time to check out commercially related postings and postings not in English. I want to be able to respond to visitor to my blogs who make a comment or ask a question since they are seeking information. The Peaceful Revolution will continue to operate but in a limited way. My two blogs are designed to express my views as a scientist and as a psychologist and provide information to the world public that I believe may improve people’ lives if used correctly, nothing else. My blogs are not designed to generate income, promote products or services or conventional  in-the-box behavior.  And, I can’t respond to languages I don’t know. Thank you very much for following these new instructions that will make it easier for me to respond to those who seek out guidance in life!


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