I just saw their commercial as I was looking at my soul mate of 30 years and I had to respond. Thirty years ago one of my most popular assignment to my psychology students was to arrange interviews with owners of dating services. In those days there was a stigma about dating outside the norm. My students believed that those who use these services to find a date-mate are homely, poor, not good-looking, don’t know how to talk to the opposite sex and are shy. I don’t know how reliable eHarmoney.com is but the idea of computerized matching  is psychologically sound. Here are the statistics: Before you marry the woman you met at school, at the party or though your sister or by accident, you have known about 100 eligible women. About seven of them would have made good wives. You usually don’t choose those. One would have made an ideal wife, you don’t even pay attention to her. You ended marrying someone in the middle of the pack because you never really found the ideal one. As I said, I don’t know about eHarmony.com but a great computerised introductory service should have about 10,000 registered individuals. If you are matched with the best of those, you and her would certainly look and act like the 4 couples in love in the eHarmony commercial I just saw. I say, go for it if you can’t find the love of your life in your neighborhood. But, remember, you really need to answer the questionnaire truthfully and kind of know what you are really looking for in the long run. Just because you both like labradoodles or surfing is not enough. A great match has to do with the Freudian Edipus and Electra Complexes!


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