Here is something useful to know ahead of time from my book on cancer that will be out next year or in 2013. I read nutritionists say that there are no superfoods.  NOT TRUE! I define superfood as one of the ten best foods on earth that are best for your body when it is a healthy or when it is sick. I will list two superfoods today: FLAX MEAL and  ALOE VERA. Every morning I grind two table spoonfuls of flax seeds in a coffee grinder and add to a glass of hot alkaline water. After 2-3 minutes I have a thick drink that taste good with any fresh fruit. And, if you think that flax is amazing only because it is loaded with Omega 3, think again. It fights cancer, obesity, heart attack, HBP and just about everything else that can go wrong with the body. But, here is the catch. Flax works as a superfood only within a healthy life-style, so what are you waiting for?

I promised you another superfood for today; Aloe Barbadensis. Don’t ask me how to take Aloe. I take it any way I can that is safe, even in my sunscreen!  To say “A bottle of Aloe drink at Wal-Mart costs $2.49” defeats the purpose of this posting. Do your research on Google, spend time on your health. OK, I’ll give you a bit more information on Aloe than I have given you on Flax, but, for God’s sake, go to Google more often than you do and learn to distinguish real info from the junk. Barbadensis boosts your T-lymphocytes, reduces inflammation, pain and skin problems. Do you want more? Don’t ask your doctor. Aloe can stop just about anything bad that otherwise will happen in your body! But, wait a minute. Aloe will do you no good unless you change into a healthy life-style. Superfoods are superfoods, they are not magic foods. There is no magic food, only magic lives. A posting from the one who cares!


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2 Responses to “Superfoods!”

  1. Colline Says:

    All fresh,whole foods are superfoods, aren’t they, as they all contain the nutrients that our bodies need to achieve optimal health. Drinking one advertised product and not eating a healthy diet will not reduce inflamation, high cholestrol, etc. And another comment: the people who tend to eat/drink these so-called super foods already eat a balanced diet.

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