The story of Kaved and klaya.

I am writing this pre-historical story as an allegory because I want it to have maximum impact on present day humanity: Once upon a time there were a brother and his sister who lived in Atlantis, a magnificent city west of the Azores near Tarshish that would be called “Garden of Eden” in Genesis one day.

The language of Paradise was Hebrew, a holy tongue brought to Earth by three aliens long before the brother and his sister were born. The brother was named “Kaved.”  He was about 500 years old when he was appointed minister, about the age of a man called Adam in Genesis, but that happened much later. Kaved was the Minister of the Environment in Paradise, a heavy-set dude who was honored by the King year after year for keeping the Island so clean, a land full of milk and honey, clean of pesticides. Everybody on the Island ate organic food certified by the minister himself.

Kaved’s sister was called Klaya. She was a beautiful 365 year old light set woman, Minister of Water Resources by official title. She worked together with Kaved the Minister or the Environment to make sure that citizens had clean ionized alkaline water to drink to balance the protein they ate that was somewhat acidic. Kaved and Klaya who worked together in a hugh natural laboratory knew that if they will allow pollution to enter the life cycle of the city, longevity would start going down. People would die at a 100! Interesting, one day they stumbled upon an old  Time Machine left in the archives In Poseidia the Capitol. They clicked and were stuck on Alice in Wonderland, a story that one day will be famous. They laughed their head off when they heard Alice say to her friends, “To live a hundred years is an old age indeed.”

The boring part of the story is how it was taught much later in schools all over the planet. The only paradise left was Paradise lost. Humans who lived only 75 years found enough time to disturbe the ocean with nuclear wars. Atlantis was flooded by a hugh tsunami (denied later by historians). The wicked Bliel people of Atlantis moved to Tarshish (later on they sold gold to Solomon to build the Temple in Jerusalem), then Egypt, destroying the fledgeling monotheistic religion, destroying everything in their path. The “LawofOne” people of Atlantis (They lost the war) moved to Mesapotemia (Ur) and later wrote the Hebrew Bible. Four thousand years later the planet was polluted and dying.

Actually my story is about your liver and kidney. Like the brother and sister, they love clean water, organic food and oxygen and hate sugar. You, on the other hand, love sugar and hate breathing deep…cancer cells love modern men. Your body and your cities are the same – polluted. You see it in the streets and on your skin. You liver is tired cleaning the shit, can hardly metabolize protein, doesn’t detoxify well. Do you want to understand it the modern way? Well, the liver is like a city production facility that send inorganic food to a distribution center that sends the stuff to supermarkets. You come and eat that junk. What else do you want me to say? Yes, my allegorical story is true. Men used to live that long, Atlantis did exist, but naturally we can’t remember our childhood, let alone our infancy.

Let the good times roll, the years are getting shorter. The only paradise there is is paradise lost!


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