The beginning of the end of Obama.

My book The Psychology of Investing During the Chaotic Obama Years came out this week. In my book on page 70 I state my conclusion about Obama’s personality, “Obama has one big psychological flaw as CEO – guess what it is? He has refined his social and oratory skills but lost his ability to be assertive with difficult people who don’t want to socialize and listen.” Obama is bombing Lybia because his European friends are bombing Lybia, not because he has a coherent foreign policy and spoke to the American people about his planned foreign policy. Since being elected president of the United States Obama has put all his energies into a coherent domestic policy: Borrowing a lot of money from the American people to recreate Medicare, help poor people with housing and employment and reward his rich and powerful friends for managing the domestic changes he desires.

Why is this the beginning of the end of Obama?

Obama is shifting his energies from domestic to foreign. “Watch Obama’s body language,” I say in my book. Since his deep bow in front of the Saudi King two years ago, it is psychologically clear that Obama feels like a Chicago community organizer and not president of the most powerful nation on earth. Shifting his energies from the domestic arena where he is a “star” to the world area where he is a humble novice in need of socializing will end his chances for a second term as president. Disaster is coming his way.  The Pentagon “brass” doesn’t like his move in Lybia. They hate his injection of counterterrorism measures in Afghanistan (They prefer counterinsurgency). Suicide bombings in Iraq are escalating since he took office. The Middle-East “peace” process is bogged down. What does Obama do? He goes on “good will” social tours” (Brazil, going to Acuador and other places, getting a lot of experience participating in honor guard ceremonies). Bombing Lybia, targetting Gaddafy’s house (denying it), Obama is entering a quagmyre that even skilled presidents like the Roosevelts would have found hard to handle. You can’t socialize with the Dart Vaders of the world and win their hearts. You can’t bomb a country (even bloody Gaddafy) without a coherent policy approved by the American people (Obama is acting like Bush did). You can’t be a follower of Britain and France without dire consequences. You can’t handle the middle-east, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, Egypt, Syria, and now Lybia with experience you gained as a Chcago community organizer. Obama, watch your personality, you will become a “yes man” to all your advisers who will smile at you and pretend to enjoy the “socials” at the White house. You are already surrounded by so many phony people in Washington that even a child could see how artificial is United States foreign policy – your Achilles Heel!


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