One of you is ready!

I mean it. Read a few of my postings. I’m not kidding. You may be the one. I am looking for one of you who is ready to help spread amazing knowledge and later pick up where I leave off; not that I am going to croak, but it may take time grooming a successor for this job. When I am gone one day I want to crossover in peace knowing that you will continue the tradition of telling the truth about life without the spin!

The truth is difficult to believe and I need a few young individuals somewhere out there in the world (may be in China, India, Israel, the US, Canada, Europe, the Middle-East, somewhere) who have an open mind ready to learn the following general truths and start spreading the specific information that is right now withheld (The 10% Rule in my writings):

1. HEALTH: We do now know how to prolong life and eradicate disease, even cancer, heart condition and Alzheimer, but politics is withholding the information from health professionals and the public. I need you!

2. WEALTH: We do know how to eradicate poverty, even how to become wealthy, but government, culture, religion and politics withhold information from business people and the general public. I want you to respond to this posting if you got what it takes to learn to do it right!

3. HAPPINESS: We do now know what it takes to be happy, even all the time, but those who don’t know tend to make a living writing and conducting classes and workshops how to make you happy. I want you to respond to this posting if you have what it takes to learn the right way to be happy.

4. YOU: Do you want to try? Start by inventing an ideal name that fits you and you want to go by if selected. I will respond only to those of you who really-really-really want to do something good, useful and new about our planet. You must have a genuine personality, not negative, argumentative or have an ax to grind. I am a “life coach” and I will train you for free. All I want in return is a personal committment to yourself, your family, your friends, your country, religion, culture,humanity and to continue my work at “Tikun Olam.”


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