Obama doesn’t know what to do!

Obama, I know you want love, but the world wants “tough love.” My book “The Psychology of Investing During the Chaotic Obama Years” is coming out this year. Although I talk about the stock market, a big part of my writing is about you, Obama, as the CEO of the United States, the only super power left to straighten out things. I warn my readers about your foreign policy a lot more than about your domestic policy, Obama boy. The passive way you handle the crisis in the Arab world will  undermine our finances next year. I am not a prophet but I feel prophetic when I say in my book that you Obama don’t understand the impact on us of what you are not doing. You wait for love where there is no love. In the book I state your biggest weakness as a leader, a weakness that will undermine not only our finances and oil prices but America’s CEO leadership in the world. Obama, you don’t know what to do with yourself when other leaders don’t want to socialize with with you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Obama is driven by the Facebook phenomenon. He wants every one to be his friend, from Mubarak to Ahmadinejad, from Netanyahu to the Merkel woman. Obama is so intensely seeking chummy relationships that if he met God he probably will not worship him immediately like the rest of us would but will invite God first to a social function in the White House! Not surprising that the first group Obama alienated in the United States is army brass. They don’t care to socialize. They are not the chummy type. No wonder Karzai the Afghan chief likes Obama – they socialize. Obama thinks he will entice Ahmadinejad to the White house one day for a hug. Stupido!

Take Libya: Mr. President, the time has come for you to act, not to be confused, not to hesitate, not to think about a no-fly zone for the next year while people are dying, not to let the Russians decide, not to let Clinton talk too much banalities, the time has come, Mr. President, to push for DEMOCRACY! Yes, get all the Libyans that want DEMOCRACY together and give them everything they need to get DEMOCRACY. It’s that simple, Mr. President: Support Democratic Forces, dummy! SDF, SDF, SDF, SDF, how many times do we the American people have to say it in your deaf ears – Support Democratic Forces!

In Egypt, Mubarak is gone. There are street battles between pro-democracy demonstrators and anti-democracy demonstrators. Obama is silent! American people, don’t you get it? If you let Obama continue to hesitate in fighting for DEMOCRACY in the huge Arab world these countries will end dictatorial (Iranian) again and their people and us will pay a high price beyond the gas pump. We will pay a higher price to keep our freedom, dignity, EVERYTHING you love! Act now dude, now! SDF!


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5 Responses to “Obama doesn’t know what to do!”

  1. SpinnyLiberal Says:

    Um, walking out on dinner with Netanyahu doesn’t a chummy relationship make. And pushing the democracy thing shouldn’t have anything to do with higher prices.

  2. kalmeida317 Says:

    I am not sure what you want Obama to do. I want Gadaffi gone as much as the next person but I do not think a U.S military intervention is going to help anybody.

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