In the last segment on HAPPINESS I told you that the first step to permanent HAPPINESS is to know what the word INTENTIONALITY means. The dictionary defines the word to mean “Determination to act in a specific way.” It is a lot more than that. Philosopher G.E. M. Anscombe in her 1957 book Intention states that Intention is acting without a reason because the action and the intention are the same. True, but it is also a lot more than that. philosopher Jeremy Bentham believes that Intention comes from Consciousness. True, and, again, Intention is a lot more than that. I would not have knows what Intention is from just being a psychologist or a philosopher. I had to become a parapsychologist studying Spirituality for 30 years to get it!

Knowing Intention is the first step to Happiness. So, pay attention because what you are going to read next is unbelievable. Truth is always unbelievable – at first. Intention does not exist in the human mind! Consideration does! Then, where is it located? Intention is not relative or probabilistic. Then, is it absolute? Intention is not a thought. Then, what is it? With true intention you can never fail. How could that be? If you intend to be happy forever, you will become happy forever – guaranteed! So, what is the problem? The problem is that most writers about Intention, get only a part of it, not the whole picture. Intention comes from Consciousness as Bentham says, but what is Consciousness? It isn’t just awareness. It is pure awareness of WHAT IS AS IT IS  (Bhagavad Gita). Action and intention are the same, as Anscombe says, but what action can be generated outside the human mind?

Blogs have limited space, so let’s have a short cut to the definition of Intention that will be your first step toward eternal happiness: INTENTION IS A POSITIVE VERBAL OR NONVERBAL ACTION THAT EMERGES FROM AN INSTANT  IDEA THAT APPEARS  IN CONSCIOUSNESS AS A RESULT OF HAVING A CONDUIT TO UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS OUTSIDE YOUR MIND.  CONSIDERATIONS OF CONSEQUENCES DO NOT EXIST BECAUSE INTENTION ALWAYS LEADS TO 100% SUCCESS IN WHATEVER GOOD YOU ATTEMPT TO DO.  Test your intentionality, for example, if you intended to lose 20 lbs in 3 months and you succeed, you had Intentionality, if you intended to double your capital gain in 2011 and you did it, you had intentionality. About Happiness, it takes just a few minutes to be transformed with intentionality to a happy person forever (TBC).


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