Have you ever felt really happy??

DO YOU find it easy to get yourself to feel happy? What do you do to feel happy? Can you make yourself feel happy right now? What do you think is the scientific answer how to do it? Do you think what I will tell you in a minute will surprise you? Do you really want to fee happy or you just think that you do? Are you willing to do what it takes?  Yes, I was a psychological consultant to the National Enquirer for 10 years because no mainstream media dared to publish my peaceful revolution ACTION oriented “stuff.” (10% Rule). Even today, I appear only on MY websites and blogs and my books are self-published. Yes, I am happy all the time and I want you to be happy all the time too. You are my fellow human being and you have the right to be happy in this world NO MATTER WHAT! No, I won’t tell you right now how to do it, no. This isn’t cheap stuff. You want to be entertained, read novels. My blog is serious. Stay tune to my blog FOREVER and you might realise something profound about being human – it’s incredibly Godly! (I don’t mean the mind)!

HAPPINESS IS DOING A FEW THINGS FROM NOW ON FOREVER. TO DO THEM IS EASY, BUT TO GET PEOPLE TO DO THEM IS HARD. Are you interested? If not, why do you keep reading? If you are interested in becoming happy forever, start with finding the TRUE definition of INTENTIONALITY. You got to get that word right before I tell you the second step to permanent happiness. I will define INTENTIONALITY in the next segment so you can check out your research finding about the word. Most of you will get the definition wrong, but those of you that will get it right, stay tune to my GUIDING blog forever. YOU WILL BE HAPPY FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. To the others who will get the definition of INTENTIONALITY  wrong, all I can say is DON’T GIVE UP. One strike you are not out, three strikes and you are out.


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