Information for Holiday travel.

I booked a trip to Europe and paid for it. It came to my attention that nowadays having a paid ticket for a flight does not guarantee you the flight! I was told that an airline can bump you off the flight and put you on Standby if it made a mistake and overbooked the flight. You have to pay for their mistake!

I accepted the travel agent’s suggestion to reserve the seats on the plane for an extra $60 for my peace of mind. Things aren’t anymore the way they used to be. In the past if you bought a service or a product you got it the way you bought it. Nowadays you have to pay extra to get it the way you bought it. One way to fight back is to fly only airlines that guarantee you the flight you booked and paid for, rain or shine. Please search for those airlines and let everyone know. Thanks!


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One Response to “Information for Holiday travel.”

  1. Werner Ruesch Says:

    Hello I knew i had seen this site before… This guy made a exact copy of your site. Or possible this is also your site?

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