Dedicated to a brave new world.

The world is a village. It’s a small world. I am in Canada. A German fellow just commented that he likes my psychology blog. Here is a posting that will make more good people like my blog. To make you listen, first you have to understand that I don’t make money from my blog or get anything from spending my time doing it except that I have a wish to spread my revolutionary ideas all over the world. Earth was created by God for peace and prosperity for all its inhabitants!

Here is how to start the peaceful revolution:

Never react if people attack you verbally but beat the shit out of them if they attack you physically, and that applies to family, possessions or nation! You have to right to defend yourself physically. Good examples of responses to people who attack you verbally are: “How are you today?” “I hope you have a better day tomorrow.” “You have the right to say what you believe.” “Would you like a cup of coffee to wake up?” “How about it, buddy?” “Is that your friend standing next to you?” “By the way, you have dandruff.”  There are 10 million wonderful ways to respond to a verbal criticism;  one of the best ones is not to respond at all, and one of the worse ones is to respond directly to the verbal criticism. Never say “Why did you say that?” Now, about the physical attack, don’t make a mistake, a stare is not physical, it’s visual. A push is physical, blocking you path is physical, etc. Get it right or don’t play at all, there is not much room here for mistakes, and oh, yes, don’t kick ass unless you know how to do it without getting yourself hurt. Go to Japan and learn Karate’, or something like that!


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