The psychology behind 911 and Mumbai.

That’s the problem, there is no psychology behind 911 and Mumbai.  All the analyses of what caused terrorists to commit the 911 and Mumbai bombings to date are conventional and appear rational to the FBI, CIA, to average Americans and to “trained” investigators. Just about all the attempts to analyse intelligence data to predict and prevent such events appear reasonable to the FBI, CIA, the public and professional investigators. Analysing causes, predicting events and preventing disasters is the domain of psychologists, but none was ever asked to help! What is going on is an exercise in futility within the context of conventional thinking. It is pathetic because it shows that government is so rigid that it refuses to get out of the “box” even when thousands of people die!  Fighting terror is not a common sense operation, but they think it is! Fighting terror requires different psychological thinking that even most psychologists  do not posses! Research in China concluded (happily) that US military authorities functioning within the American culture have always failed to identify the one person out of ten that can make a difference in difficult operations! Getting out of the “box” means being allowed to function in the way that works rather than in the way that looks right because it conforms to expected standards, logical, acceptable, or commonsense, a freedom American culture allows only under duress or desperation. Any investigator who would do the correct analysis of 911 or Mumbai right now will be “sacked,” laughed at, ridiculed, dismissed or ignored. For that reason you will never find that one psychologist out of ten who would do the correct analysis of 911 and Mumbai!


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