Happiness is…living on the light side.

Let me give you the good news first and then I will give you the best news about  – blogs. The wonderful thing is that every Dick, Tom and Harry has one and they are too hard on themselves trying to express their point of view on everything! The world is really a village like Hillary Clinton, secretary of the world says! That is the good news. The best news is that in that jungle of information dissemination you won’t see my seminal tree with the naked eye. You will have to search for the truth with brains. As the saying goes, “You see only the forest, not a weird tree.” Well, my forest is indeed in the jungle but if you find it and look at my tree it will turn by magic into an Apple tree in the Garden of Eden, full of knowledge how to achieve the “good life.” Now, here is some bad news: In the original Biblical story, Adam and Eve ate from the wong tree. You see, the primordial forest had a third tree, the Tree of Eisdom that was not advertised among the savages. That is why commercials are so important for dummies today. You say, “What the hell is all this bull…has to do with happiness?” You are right – nothing! I just wanted to get your attention to wisdom, and to make sure that you don’t think that what I will say next is – bullshit! listen carefully:

In order to be happy you have to start by pretending that you are, whether you are or are not. If people ask you, “Are you REALYYYY happy?” you have to lie and say Yes, no matter what! If people ask you, “Have you fulfilled your greatest dream?” You must lie again. ” I work hard lest I won’t achieve it.” Look up, do you notice the note on the Tree of Wisdom, “Look at happy people, they don’t seem to work hard at it.”  Don’t try to keep in touch with your friends who say they are happy lest you be disappointment by the way they treat you. Cultivate a relationship only with those that you either have fun with, learn from or can cry on their shoulders. And finally, and that one is the important hard talk, forget what the dummies tell you about being gay, happiness is not a state of mind, it is a state of body, and if you have a ounz of wisdom left in you, I’ll tell you the shocking truth straight from the mind of Buddha – happiness is not a state of mind, it’s a state of no mind!

For the dummies who don’t understand what is a state of no mind,  transcendental Meditation is not it  – Consciousness is!!!


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