Clarifying the liu Xiaobo mess!

This one is a challenge for me too, but true to the peaceful revolution and value clarification goals of my blog, I have to clarify my stand on Norway giving the Noble Price to a Chinese dissident who is in prison. After weighing the pro and con arguments on both sides I decided that it was wrong to give him the Nobel Price for 2 reasons, (1) The man undermined Chinese economic development and social stability at a time when feeding a billion poor people real food was more important than “feeding” them prematurely the concept of Democracy. An uprising and a multi-party system in China would have created chaos, and (2) The man broke his country’s laws.

In awarding the Noble Price to Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo, the Norwegian Noble Committee showed its disdain for Chinese law. Right or wrong, Mr. Liu was convicted and sentenced to prison for violating Chinese laws. The Committee showed lack of understanding how difficult it is to keep peace and law and order in a country of billion people who only recently came out of poverty and famine. Mr. Liu chose the wrong time to act Gandhi. The Committee did not understand population psychology at all! The Norwegians judged China by Norway’s standards. They assumed that relaxing laws of conduct and embracing lax European style democracy will develop China into a more humane society rather than plunge the country into chaos, as most sociologists or psychologists would predict. In the final analysis Laissez faire democracy is a process of social evolution and personal responsibility that Mr. Liu didn’t possess. Sometimes in history, lifting a billion Chinese out of poverty is more humane than letting a dissident disrupt society in the name of human rights. Sometimes in life you have to work within the system rather than play Gandhi!


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    Clarifying the liu Xiaobo mess!…

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