Special education is special but…

…it cannot save the world. SE can only save the individual. Therefor, the rules from my posting “Can education save the world?” do not apply to Special Education:

*Whereas education can be effective in large classrooms, or small, Special Education needs small groups to be effective.

*Whereas effective education can be delivered inexpensively, special education need more resources and extra teacher training that cost more money.

*Whereas education needs a drastic change in curriculum and personnel attitude to be effective enough to change the world, special education is fine the way it is except for some minor adjustments in mainstreaming policies.

*Whereas special education teachers are well-trained and their warm and positive attitude toward handicap learners is scrutinized by the authorities, regular classroom teachers are not well-trained and checking on their warm or positive attitude toward kids is considered discriminatory in Western democracies. It is prohibited by law.

*The public and its representatives give Special Education more attention in general, than it gives to regular education. Why? Very simple. Providing resources to special education needs pupils gets the votes. It shows that you care and you get elected, whereas if you try to drastically change the education system anywhere in order to save the world, people will not only laugh at you calling you a “nut” case, they’ll kick you out.

*A good place to go for educators who want to pursue my line of thinking beyond this posting is to Jaime Escalante’s math classroom in the barrio and to Jean Piaget’s makeshift home-lab, both amazing places for work of giants, both unjustifiably criticised, the first one for transforming students and the second one for transforming research practices. You see, both Jean and Jaime got involved with their subjects’ learning personally, what a wonderful thing to do!


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3 Responses to “Special education is special but…”

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