If UFO beings are for real, why don’t they land?

William Burroughs, the famous poet reflects on why aliens in UFOs circle us but never land to meet us. “After one look at this planet, any visitor from outer space would say, “I want to see the manager,” he jokes, of course. Sad but true, for years I have been trying to communicate to my friends in the UFO media business on Earth, who are trying desperately to communicate with aliens, to lay off for a while and concentrate their efforts on changing themselves! Yes, you need to improve your maturity level, your skill of communicating with advanced civilizations, and especially your peaceful intentions. You are too scary! Learn to put landing aliens at ease about your  intentions and their safety. Aliens are advanced humans and are peaceful; they come to teach and trade, not exploit and kill like you do. Psychology tells us that if a highly educated stranger doesn’t want to meet with you after repeated requests, you should question your approach rather than her resistance. Worse than that, human folks are egocentric to think the alien looks like ET or she does not exist because she does not show interest in them! Grow up folks, for God’s sake!


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2 Responses to “If UFO beings are for real, why don’t they land?”

  1. special education Says:

    I really liked your blog! It helped me alot…

    • drkinarthy Says:

      Tom, “Education” today, in most countries, makes our world a terrible place to live in for most young people. You can change the world for the better by selling education as a skill creation, starting with special education. You have a heart. That is why you are interested in special education. I read your postings. You are young and there is a good future in changing the philosophy of education in Canada where I assume you are. I suggest that you start by mastering 2 important areas that educators seem to mess up: Mainstreaming and Piaget. I will help you get it right (max the value for the kids). Utimately, education is all about C-MOR (search my blog and underlie where C-MOR appears).

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