Watch Dustin Hoffman’s movie Hero and learn about your gullibility!

When I was a college professor of psychology before I retired I assign Dustin Hoffman’s movie Hero to my students to watch for extra credit. Take five minutes to guess why? Stop reading, come back in five minutes and check your answer against mine. You will find out how perceptive you are about life! 🙂

1. Most of us are heroes deep inside, but it takes a situation to translate it out action.

2. When people reflect on their verbal or nonverbal action they think they are searching for a true explanation, but in reality they create a story that fits their belief system.

3. When enough people deceive themselves by creating fiction in their lives, they enhance false expectations, reinforce biases, and make damaging perceptions part of their culture and religion.

4. What you can learn from watching the movie Hero is to doubt everything you read or hear people tell you (especially psychologists, ha!) and test it out for yourself. Facts are hidden behind mental translations.

5. Here is a perfect example: Most people who profess to know their Bible, do not know that the word “devil” exists in the New Testament but not in the Old Testament! You see, the Greek dude who translated the Hebrew Bible to Greek thought that the Hebrew word “Satan” meant “Diabolos” (devil) in Greek. Dr. McKenzie, in Commentaries on the Bible states, “With a stroke of a pen the Greeks transformed a tester of man into a hater of man.” My God, I tested my students and no one thought that I hated them. I wonder how you would feel about humanity if you were God? Would you think that we are stupid? Careless? gullible? naive? egotistical? blind? or just believe “stuff”? Do you really want to know the truth? Don’t read about Jesus, that had been distorted a lot already, read why Socrates said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” That will do it for you, and thank me for showing you the way out of the “box.” I am not Dustin Hoffman.


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