Understanding the psychology of Graphene!

My goal is to make this blog the best blog on the Internet that you will ever visit! Get addicted! This one will be a safe obsession with the ecstasy of living in modern times! You would think that it is an odd subject for a blog in psychology to explain Graphene, a discovery in physics, but it is not if you think about the peaceful revolution, the name I gave to my  blog. Well, ordinarily it is, but not in this case. Why? because Graphene will revolutionize life. It will hasten the departure of wars from this planet by making super protective shields a reality. It will allow the development of incredible infrastructures, indestructible airplanes and durable spaceships, indestructible vehicles and millions of other incredible uses in human relationships. The invention of Graphene with its 6 pointed star atomic structure is equal in magnitude to the discovery of the atom itself.

I want you not to take this “baby” for granted, like billions of people on this planet already do. This one isn’t going away into the bin of old news in a few days. You are not going to switch channels to watch the stupid Simpsons after reading this blog. Hey, take out a ruler and look at the thickness of a “millimeter.” It is tiny, isn’t it? Now, imagine a transparent sheet of stiff plastic wrap,  smoother than your glass table and straight as the surface of crystal, as unbending as an iron wall 100 meters thick with Manhattan island sitting on it, as cheap to mass produce as soda pop, and you start feeling the ecstasy throughout your body when you imagine that this sheet of plastic in front of your eyes is one tenth of one millionth of one millimeter thick! Can you imagine? I’ll be darned if it isn’t as psychological as it physics to relate to a material invention that will transform your life, and it is made of carbon which is the element of life itself. No, it isn’t plastic, that was just for the illustration, it’s Graphene, a one atom thick piece of Graphite.

Now, you fellows that are into investing, let me put you to work. Find the company that will produce Graphene, or will make futuristic products out of Graphene, probably in Japan, Korea, China or the USA, and I am sure you will find it eventually listed in the New York stock exchange – after a huge IPO. Get a head start on this amazing phenomenon and let me know what you are finding. I will announce it on my blogs. Let’s get a head start on the future. Don’t you want to live in the 25th century , today? Kudos to the human race that can come so close to God with Graphene. Hey, just don’t abuse His gift, it isn’t meant to use in weapons to kill others or destroy property, it’s a gift from God for our peace and prosperity. It is akin to the skin of the Enterprise in space! Watch the show!


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2 Responses to “Understanding the psychology of Graphene!”

  1. World Wide News Flash Says:

    Understanding the psychology of Graphene!…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

    • drkinarthy Says:

      Dear William,
      I find your http://www.wwnewsflash.com fascinating to explore. You may post information from my blogs or websites to your website from time to time. The reason Graphene is standing out as a major discovery right away is that humanity has entered the Space Age in 1957 with Sputnik and that half a century later it is reasonable to expect that science will come up with material that is strong, light and cheap to produce that will withstand the physical stress exerted on spaceships during interplanetary flights.

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