Wen Jiabao and your job!

In my book The Psychology of Investing I teach you how to analyse the body language of leaders in order to know how their behavior may affect your livelihood. The interplay between Obama and Wen Jiabao will determine the extent Americans lose their jobs to Chinese. Here are the personality differences between the leader of the US and the leader of China:

Barack Obama is a friendly competitive type, Wen Jiabao is a friendly cooperative personality. Wen will cooperate in easing Chinese currency restrictions when competitive Obama puts the pressure on him, but never enough to compromise the Chinese economy in order to satisfy Obama.

Wen has a strong engineering mind, Barack has a persuasive trial lawyer’s mind. China has a meticulous and detailed plan for growth that depends heavily on easing currency restrictions only as dictated by the need of the Chinese economy, not by US unemployment. Obama has no plan how  to “charm” or pressure Wen into speeding up the “floating” of the Yuan against the dollar. He will get very little no matter what he does. Engineers don’t change plans that work.

Wen is long-term, Obama is a short-term. Obama wants to be reelected in 2012 by showing that he got concessions from Wen and fewer jobs left America for Asia. He will politically “inflate” the minimal ones that he gets that will not disrupt Chinese economic growth. After all, Obama needs to employ only a few more millions while Wen needs to “feed” a billion people.

Wen knows his stuff 100%, Obama doesn’t. Wen will play sophisticated psychological “looking good” with Obama, Obama or Congress will play power games with Wen to get reelected. However, ultimately both leaders want to improve relations, not destroy them. The end results; the Chinese will help create some American jobs at home in return for the Americans will ease their pressure on China to change human rights policies, export subsidies, etc.

Wen is crafty and secure,  Obama is straight and insecure. Both are exceptional pro development politicians. Wen will help Obama create some domestic jobs in infrastructure and management while Obama will “explain” China huge imports into the US with rhetoric about balance of payments. Unfortunately, neither will show understanding of the other’s predicament: China’s development depends on a strong dollar more than US employment depends on a strong Yuan. The situation is a draw, no win-win and no lose-lose.


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