The great “Walmart Syndrome”!

I invented the “Wal-Mart Syndrome” this morning for you to consolidate your understanding of a wonderful new market phenomenon – a new pricing system for products and services in the world today. I want you to take advantage of it and save tons of money. Any poor person can start living in the middle-class by reading my “stuff.” All the old bets about pricing of commodities were off 10 years ago when China entered the market place with cheap, cheap, cheap labour. Adam Smith, the father of Capitalism writes in his famous book the Wealth of Nations, “Labour, therefore, it appears evidently, is the only universal, as well as the only accurate measure of value, or the only standard by which we can compare the values of different commodities at all times and at all places.” (Oxford World’s Classics, page 43).

Last week I shopped for good-looking shoes. I found a pair for $129 in a department store I will not name, a comparable pair for $39 at Payless and a beautiful pair for $18 at Wal-Mart, all made in China! My friend said, “No way, 18 bucks?” I said, “Yes, and how do you like my pants?” “Yes, I know, don’t tell me, you paid $29.95.” “No,” I said, “I paid $5 for the pants.” He looked at me with a big puzzle on his face, “But you have a lot of money, why shop at Wal-Mart?” “Well, buddy,” I spin, “I watch Clark Howard a lot and the savings “bug” got into me.”

I wanted to illustrate that Adam Smith was correct about China but not about you! China is becoming a wealthy nation because of cheap labour. You will not! You can become a wealthy person because of cheap pricing, something that didn’t enter “logical” Adam Smith’s equation – buying commodities that cost less than the cost of making them! This Wal-Mart Syndrome phenomenon will not last forever, so cash in on it while it lasts and shop in Wal-Mart (China will raise prices as soon as it completes the economic cycle of creating a wealthy nation). Don’t be one of the misguided individuals demonstrating against Wal-mart, who were convinced by disguised special interest political groups to kick Wal-Mart out-of-town. Be smart, shop for less. By the way, my “Wal-Mart syndrome” concept applies to everything you buy in the world for more than 50% discount. In my life it is everything (eg., I stayed in a 5 star hotel in Tel-Aviv for $100 per night!). Get smart! Enjoy life!


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