Does having money makes you happy?

Yes and no, it depends on how much money you have and how much money you had before. If you are very poor and you get a job that pays for food, clothing and shelter for you, your wife and kids you are happy – for a while til you get used to it, make more kids and need – more money. If you are just poor and you get a better job that pays more money for better food, nicer clothing, better shelter and even education for the kids you are happy again – for a while till you get used to that and want –  more money.

Then something psychological  happens in you mind on the way to the Middle-class.

You have a decent job, may be even a career, your wife works too, the kids are well fed, have bikes, video games, friends. Oops! They watch junk on TV,  go to junk schools and learn about drugs, sex, gangs, violence, and  – a little Math and History. They come home alienated, bring home the pressures of growing up not having to work and mix them with your pressures of having to work too hard. You give them allowances, pay your bills, have some left for a stressful vacation or two – and with your spare time you and your wife start fighting for “Release,”  over trivia, sex, relatives, friends, the kids and  –  money. The Bible says, “Without money you are like dead, but extra money becomes the root of all evil.” You are not happy.

A Jewish friend reads to you the source of these ideas from Genesis, “Haani Nechshav Kemet,” and “Mamom ze Hashoresh Shel Kol Haavon.”  You finally understand that money that keeps you alive also makes you happy, but money you are wasting when people in the world are starving, brings out your negative base nature. You cannot stay happy. What has to change in your home when you have money and you want to continue to be happy is your sense of self.


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2 Responses to “Does having money makes you happy?”

  1. black hole of genf Says:

    If you are not confident of keeping and growing your net worth, every money making oportunity might sound “russian roulette”. 🙂

    Risk = giving a Beethoven concert, when this is the first time you saw a piano

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