Does Obama deserves a second term as president?

I thought Bush was bad, what’s emerging is that Obama is far more dangerous to your well-being. He is the kind of charismatic speaker that can get you to vote for him for a second term as president – while the country is ruined, much worse off than before. Obama does things that if you did them your wife or husband will divorce you!

His administration borrowed and printed more dollar sheets than any administration in history – akin to a man taking money from your kids, refinancing your wife’s car, borrowing money against your and everybody’s future earnings, selling your nice possessions and obtaining 2 huge new mortgages on a home that need repairs – in order to support instead an extended family of 100 semi-skilled relatives looking for handouts.

All the job creation programs Obama thought of or approved during his administration so far require borrowing money from future Middle-class tax payers to pay the salaries of the poor and the very rich in the present – 2000 billion bucks! Warning: Government extra jobs beyond government basic jobs, leave no new infrastructure or permanent improvements in society, There is a Chinese proverb that says, “You give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, you teach his how to fish and you feed him for a life time.”  Obama should not get reelected president in 2012, but you know something – he will be reelected – his speech is so eloquent that he would tell you that without the “fish” he gave around people would have starved. This is akin to the man telling his wife not to divorce him because his 100 semi-skilled relatives are not looking for a handout anymore. “They are now looking for real jobs – and I deserve a second term to provide them those jobs!”

You fools!


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