Coffee is an emotional thing!

Coffee is an emotional thing with me! I just posted something on love a few hours ago and I was going to wait till tomorrow for another posting idea when I walked downstairs and made me my favorite Turkish brew. The aroma, the bounce back to my office, the taste, even the slight spill on the way felt heavenly. Not at all surprising that Starbucks, that offers nothing else exciting,  made a career of roasting those beans. Can you imagine Canada banning coffee? Can you imagine coffee  riots?

How would this information help you?

When you are feeling down, drink a cup. The psychological rule is that 90% self-deprivation of emotional foods is better for your weight and psyche than a 100% deprivation. Drink a cup when you are down. It will pep you up emotionally, not just the caffeine. Drink a cup with friends, the triple stimulation will help even more. Drink your favorite blend but don’ exceed your limits.

Try my “Bots brew.” Drop a spoonful of fine grind Turkish coffee in a large cup of very hot water (strain the particles or let them sink to the bottom). Boil half a cup of milk, foam it with a hand-held mixer and add it to the coffee. The 4 minute effort  saves you $4.99. The emotional uplift is free.


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2 Responses to “Coffee is an emotional thing!”

  1. Quinn Ringering Says:

    Wow that was a great site.. I’m enjoy it.. good article

  2. drkinarthy Says:

    Thank you, Quinn. I have more ideas coming.

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